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When I’m not looking for exciting promotional gifts to brand for my clients, I adore getting all creative. And with Valentine’s Day almost upon us, that creativity is currently being channelled into my Heart Chunks. These are a little gift idea that I developed a few years ago, when I took a sabbatical to work with an up-cycling business and kickstart my artistic interests again.


I start by finding an appropriate piece of wood – it can be any size or type – which I then lovingly sand down. Next I paint a heart or two directly on the wood, before applying wax as a protective layer. Recently I’ve modified the design by adding wee cowrie shells, that I collect during walks on my local beach, to the heart shape. I love the different colours that their exteriors provide and the variation in texture they add.


Thanks to the materials and colours that I choose, each handmade Heart Chunk I create is unique. I guess that’s why they've proved to be such popular gifts with friends. A couple of local businesses even commissioned me to make some for their interior displays. Although my Heart Chunks make great gifts at anytime of the year, they become extra special when given to a loved one on Valentine’s Day. If you’d like me to help you fire Cupid’s arrow, then why not give me a call on 07733 321759 or email me at rhona@brandingup.co.uk.

Happy Valentine’s everyone! ❤️

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